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ASP Trip – June 2014

A troop of 20 high-schoolers and 8 adults traveled to West Virginia the last week in June to work on rehabbing and repairing homes. Here are some reminiscences and pictures from the trip.

When I signed up for ASP, I really had no idea what to expect.  I was also a bit nervous, and did not know the people who were going that well.  I actually thought about backing out at one point.  I am so happy I went!  The memories and new friends I made are unforgettable.  My work crew soon became my second family.  We looked out for one another and laughed as hard as we worked.  Not only was this trip fun, but also it was so rewarding to see the finished product. Completing the wheelchair ramp…

My ASP experience was a life-changing week full of continuous hard work and unlimited love. My team built a ramp for 2 of the nicest people I will ever come across. They lived to be grateful for the things they have, even when it was so little compared to what we take for granted. Be thankful for the things you have because you never understand how lucky you are until it’s all gone.