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Small Groups

The heart of a church is its small groups.  It is hard to get to know 200 people but it’s easy to get to know the children in your Sunday School class, the people you serve with at the Soup Kitchen, the others in your book discussion group.
We look for opportunities to bring small groups together.  In addition to service and educational groups we encourage social groups.  The small groups currently meeting are:

A women’s book group on Monday mornings at 9:00. Look for more information on the events page.

A group of women (formally known as the Liturgical Arts Committee, informally as the Banner Ladies) meets weekly in the evenings to create hangings to adorn the sanctuary. Some of their banners are pictured below.

Sitting Together is a group that meets weekly for meditation and silence in this busy world. Friends from the community are welcome.  The time of silence begins with an inspirational reading or centering prayer and lasts for about a half hour.

UCC logo

Hangs above the organ



Used for services featuring children

Doves 1

Hangs to the left of the cross

Doves 2

Hangs to the right of the cross

I am the Light

In the Beginning

Used with the planet banners

Inner Planets

Hangs to the left of the cross

Outer Planets

Hangs to the right of the cross




Used for weddings