8 East Main St. PO Box 490 Brookside, NJ 07926 We worship Sundays at 9:30am

Doubters and Searchers

We are conscious that at least half of our friends and neighbors do not belong to churches or religious organizations. We also understand that many do not belong because of what churches are perceived to be. And to be honest, we also know that negative images and stereotypes exist largely because of the church’s own regrettable practices. At Brookside we have committed ourselves to renewal and reform. We believe it is worth trying to create a different kind of church:

  • A church in which the talents of women are welcomed in ordained ministry.
  •  Where the equality of all people is celebrated: men and women, rich and poor, black and brown, red and white.
  • Where divorced women and gay men are not treated as outcasts, but welcomed at table and in the pulpit.
  • Where soul freedom and individual conscience are honored and respected.
  • Where one can entertain doubts and express one’s faith in ways which are not bound by ancient creeds and images.
  • Where God might be envisioned as a still small voice within, a sacred dimension we can find in one another, a character of holiness embodied in the ordinary and everyday.
  • Where faith and spirituality are not primarily about ritual and dogma but about action and behavior.

We want to be part of a church like this, and are striving to achieve such a vision. We welcome you to add your energies to these efforts.